Texas Prepay Power: Flexible Prepaid Electricity Plans For Everyone.

No Credit Check

It doesn't matter if you have good credit or bad credit, you can still enroll in a Texas Prepay Power plan!

No ID or SSN Required

Get the electricity you need without the privacy invasion! No identification or social security number required.

$0 Deposit

With our $0 deposit, the only money you need to power your home is for the electricity you're going to use.

Texas Prepaid Electricity

We put our customers first by offering world-class personal service and practical energy products that adjust to fit your needs.

Homeowners Receiving Flexible Payment Terms for Prepaid Electricity Provided by Texas Prepay Power

What sets us apart from the other Texas prepaid power companies is that we provide flexible payment terms and payment assistance.

Satisfied Texas Prepay Power Customers at House in Corpus Christi, TX

Rest assured that you’re in good hands. With Texas prepay power, we get your lights on quickly and will help you keep them on.

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    • No Credit Check/No ID/SSN Required
    • $0 deposit
    • No Long-Term Commitment
    • 13.4¢ per kWh *
    • Term: None
    • Termination Fee: None
    • EFLs: English & En Español
    • Customer PDFs


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Why Texas Prepay Power?

We’ve got over 30 years of combined experience providing prepaid power for on-the-go families in the deregulated areas of Texas. We offer competitive energy rates, flexible payment options, and member benefits like our mobile app and smart meter capability.


And it just keeps getting better! Get the power you need with $0 deposit, no credit check, no ID or SSN required, and no long-term commitment.


Disclaimer: This is an advertisement for prepaid electric service. The minimum required payment to establish a connection balance is up to $75. Utility fees may also apply and may increase the total amount that you pay. You can obtain important standardized information that will allow you to compare this product with other offers at www.acaciaenergy.com. New customers only. Offer subject to termination or change without notice and at the discretion of Acacia Energy. A Premium Contact Fee of $2.95 will apply for payments processed via a live agent. Se habla Español. REP #10137 Brooklet Energy Distribution LLC

* Rates quoted are at 2,000 kWh per the Electricity Facts Label for Oncor. Please check EFL for your effective rate.