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We have 30 years of combined experience providing pay-as-you-go electricity for on-the-go families. We offer competitive energy rates with flexible payment options like prepaid power and smart meter for Texas residents.


And the best part is, switching couldn’t be easier! No credit check, no ID or SSN required, and $0 deposit.


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Why Texas Prepay Power?

Need power for your Texas residence? You’ve come to the right place. We provide flexible¬†prepaid electricity¬†plans for families living in de-regulated cities like Dallas, Houston, Waco, Corpus Christi, Abilene, and Harlingen, TX. Get the energy you need with $0 Deposit, no credit check, no ID or SSN required, and no long-term commitment.

Texas Prepay is a prepaid energy service provider company that gives you the freedom to pay for your electricity in advance. So, there are no energy bills to be paid at the end of every month. The process of registering for Texas Prepay Power services is simple. There is no need of pay a huge sum of money as adeposit or have your credit score checked. You do not have to sign for a long-term contract or submit legal documents and id proofs.

Texas Prepay stands apart from the rest of the prepaid energy providers because of its affordable electricity rates and flexible plans. You are free to choose from 3Cent Intro, Free Nights, $0 Deposit $240 Free, and 2 Months Free plans.

Our smart systems track of your energy usage and inform you when your balance is low to avoid disconnection. In case of such an event, the service will be resumed as soon as the fund is added to your account. There is no requirement to pay any late fees, disconnect/reconnect fees or other hidden fees.

$0 Deposit

Our $0 Deposit puts the power back in your hands. The only thing you need to get prepaid power for your Texas home is to pay for the electricity you're actually going to use.

No ID or SSN required

Get the energy you need for your Texas residence without the privacy invasion! There's no identification or social security number required to enroll in our prepaid power plans.

No credit check

Other prepaid power companies will want to check your credit history before getting you the electricity you need. With us, you can enroll in one of our prepaid plans regardless of your good or bad credit.

No long-term commitment

With no contract terms or termination fees on our featured prepaid power plans, you'll be able to get the electricity you need with no long-term commitment. It doesn't get better than this!

Get Pay-As-You-Go Electricity On Your Terms